Eucerin 產品 及其成分

Eucerin 的高質素產品建基於廣泛研究及對肌膚的熱情。Eucerin 專家投放無窮心思選擇所有產品的成分,並限制成分數目。然而,若有不耐症或過敏,請查閱我們的「成分數據庫」找出相關成分。




Being a derivative of the skin’s own humectant glycerol, glyercyl glucosides facilitate epidermal moisturization. Dry, stressed skin shows significant reduced aquaporin channels. These channels control the transport of cellular water and other small solutes between and into cells. Thus, playing an important role in maintaining epidermal water balance. The most abundant aquaporin in the epidermis is aquaporin-3 (AQP3). Glucosylglycerol (Gluco-glycerol) stimulates the expression of AQP3 in epidermal skin cells and has been shown to stimulate the formation of aquaporin 3 (AQP3) in skin cells, thus increasing the number of aquaporins that control water transport in and out of cells.